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About our rides

We offer a very authentic Spanish holiday experience; enjoying Spanish cuisine, riding Spanish horses, using Spanish tack and staying in some wonderful little hotels and guesthouses along the way.

Within the itineraries you will be taken to places of interest along the way such as monasteries, vineyards, little villages, churches and even caves. Our rides are perfect for someone who might want 5-8 hours riding a day, with the added benefit of having the chance to go off exploring yourselves, should you choose to do so.

Tito Bustillo Cave

The ancient kingdom of Asturias was founded in 718 by by the Asturian chef Pelagius of Asturias, who was the first Christian political entity. In the battle of Covadonga he defeted the Moors in what is usualy regarded as the begining of Reconquista.

Basilica Covadonga, Asturias

And Castile and Leon, north of Madrid, dates from 1230 and was considered to be one of the most influential and powerful kingdoms in the world, with a rich history of religion, noblemen, Castilean knights and outlaws.

Wine horse trail, Ribera del duero
Castilla y Leon

There are a number of trails to choose from in different parts of Spain. Some start in the famous Natural Park of Picos de Europa to end on the picturesque beaches of northern coast, some on the beaches of Aviles, others at vinyards of Rioja; others venture into the hills of the Sierra de la Demanda mountains; some follow the route taken by the banished legendary hero of Castile ‘El Cid’ when he was forced into exile; or you might choose an extensive wine tour through the vineyards along the Duero River.

Horse trail through the vinyards of Ribera del Duero
Horse trail through the vinyards of Ribera del Duero

The horses are all Pure Spanish (PRE) and Spanish mix, forward-going and very responsive, sure footed and experienced in difficult terrain, ridden in Spanish style saddles. Accommodation on each night is in comfortable small hotels and guest houses with en-suite bedrooms, the food typical of the region.

Pure Spanish Horse

Mix horses have even better performance than PRE

One of the hotels we stay in

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