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"Yoga and horses" is a special week created by passionate equestrian professionals.

Apart of daily yoga sessions we will introduce you to horse wellbeing with additional Natural Horsemanship lessons and a session with a veterinary physiotherapist and saddle fitter. 

This holiday will suit riders looking for relaxed, centre based, riding who would like to learn something about communication with horses and experience riding bitless (optional). Riders need to be able to walk, trot and canter unaided, but the emphasis will be on immersing oneself in nature, and less experienced riders who have not tried trail riding before will enjoy this ride.

The weather in August in the region is usually a pleasant 20-30C. Accommodation is converted barn apartments with a lovely rustic feel. The yoga session in the morning is great for relaxation and there are great picnic lunches that include fresh seafood, quality beef, local cheese, good wine and cider.

The daily trail rides will vary with walking, trotting and cantering through remote countryside on grassy hills, low mountain tracks, open scenic areas, forest and historic villages.

The natural horsemanship sessions take the form of groundwork lessons learning about equine body language and facial expressions, concentrating on horse wellness and also basic exercises to improve riding position, balance and the aids. 

Day 1
Arrive at Oviedo airport. (2 hours) Transfer to a lovely apartment hotel in a village on the border of Asturias and Galicia. If there is time, guests can do a yoga stretching session to ease into the week. Get together dinner and briefing.


Day 2
Start the day with a yoga session. After breakfast, meet the horses and set off for the day's ride (5-6 hours riding). In the evening there is a relaxation/meditation session together. Visit at the local hand made knife workshop. It is an opportunity to get one of a kind, best quality, personalized pocket knife. Dinner.


Day 3
After yoga and breakfast, set off for a ride through hilly landscape with a picnic lunch. The first natural horsemanship session is in the evening along with a relaxation/meditation session and dinner. (Riding 4 hours)


Day 4

After yoga and breakfast, set off for a ride with a picnic lunch under centenary oaks. Returning home after lunch ready for the second natural horsemanship session. Relaxation/meditation session and dinner. (Riding 4 hours)


Day 5

After yoga and breakfast, set off for a beautiful ride with a picnic lunch. Picturesque ride back to the base anxious to have the last natural horsemanship session. Relaxation/meditation session and dinner. (Riding 4 hours)

Day 6
After yoga and breakfast, set off for a ride and picnic lunch. Fascinating evening lecture of horse wellbeing and demonstration of physiotherapy by animal physiotherapist, also a vet .  Relaxation/meditation. Dinner. (Riding 4 hours)


Day 7
After yoga and breakfast, set off for a full day's riding throgh stone villages lost in time with a lunch stop at a local seafood restaurant.  Evening meditation/relaxation session, dinner and farewell party! 


Day 8
Breakfast, transfer to the airport, flight home.



Please note: All itineraries are given for your guidance only and it may be altered on the ground and in accordance with the prevailing conditions by the organising team.


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